Patient Stories

National Cancer Survivors Day (June 4, 2017)

Lorne Cochrane, AB


Casey Cosgrove, ON

[Photo & Video Credit: BMS #CancerChanged]

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Archie Stewart

Archie Stewart I have terminal lung cancer, bladder cancer, COPD, CHF and Diabetes, all (except Diabetes) likely caused by cigarette smoking, but I’m told I don’t “look” sick at all. Read More

David Balfour

David Balfour Moving Forward with Lung Cancer Read More

Gerry Davis

Gerry Davis My name is Gerry Davis from Calgary. I am an almost 19 year Lung Cancer Survivor. Read More

Heather Hogan

Heather Hogan In September 2012 when I was 52, I was diagnosed with stage 3A Non-Small Cell Adenocarcenoma. My cancer was found by accident after a CT scan of my abdomen. Read More

Jill Hamer-Wilson

Jill Hamer-Wilson Friends used to tease me about how much I multi-tasked, always trying to live life to the full! Read More

Roz Brodsky

Roz Brodsky Roz Brodsky was a long-time smoker. She was diagnosed with lung cancer early enough to catch it. Read More