Testimonials and Patient Stories

Roz Brodsky

Roz Brodsky Roz Brodsky was a long-time smoker. She was diagnosed with lung cancer early enough to catch it. Read More

Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith Arthur Smith had no symptoms of lung cancer, or any particular health concerns. His day-to-day life was focused on his family, work and enjoying the beautiful environs of his native Nova Scotia. Read More

The Truth of It

The Truth of It A diverse group of people reflect on their cancer experiences. Read More

Virginia Stoymenoff

Virginia Stoymenoff Thirty-five years after having quit smoking, lung cancer was the last thing Virginia expected to be discovered during a CT scan for urology problems. Read More

Odette Myers

Odette Myers Around the end of 2005 Odette Myers experienced soreness in her chest area and shortness of breath. Read More