A Message from the Chair:

I want to send a quick message to welcome you all to our network.

During our many years in oncology nursing and the area of lung cancer, I have continually been impressed and inspired by the talent, dedication, and caring nature of lung cancer nurses who treat and care for patients with the most complex set of diseases. It was with these qualities in mind, Lung Cancer Canada (LCC) decided to launch the Lung Nurses Network.

This has been a fantastic year for us at LCC, and we couldn’t have done it without all your help. I am very grateful and thankful for that, and for you believing in collaboration and helping our patients by delivering the highest-quality care. This year we were able to successfully launch the first Lung Cancer Canada Patient Summit, which was a huge success.

But even more than that – I want to thank you for what you do every day. Like countless others, lung cancer has touched me personally many times over the years. And it is incredible people like you that improve patient lives. Not only as clinicians, but also as the leading educators - teaching your colleagues the latest best practices so they can also provide better care to lung cancer patients and their caregivers. As we move forward, please check our network frequently and stay tuned as many more new initiatives will be on the way.

Anyone who is interested in taking part to educate your colleagues, post an informative document or guideline, please do not hesitate to reach me. We welcome your feedback as we strive to improve the reader's experience in ongoing lung cancer education and information.

Massey Nematollahi, RN, MScN, OCN®, CON(C)
Chair, Lung Nurses Network

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