Breathomics: A Geoffrey Ogram Memorial Research Grant funded study

Dr. Renelle Myers
Following the review of a number of applications for the Geoffrey Ogram Memorial Research Grant (GOMRG), the inaugural recipient of the GOMRG award was presented to Dr. Renelle Myers for a pilot Breathomics study for biomarker discovery in lung cancer.
Lung cancer cases in never or light smokers are increasing globally and currently there are no lung cancer screening programs, as criteria are based on smoking history and age. Studies have shown lower mortality rates in lung cancer by detecting the cancer at an early curable stage. This study proposes the technique of a breath biopsy for biomarker discovery to determine which never smoker/light smokers would benefit from lung cancer screening.  
Dr Myers is an interventional pulmonologist, a clinician and research scientist at the BC Cancer Centre and Vancouver General Hospital. Her work focuses on the diagnosis and work up of lung cancer. She also performs lung biopsies and mediastinal staging for lung cancer. She granted LCC an interview to discuss her work, to tell us about the GOMRG project and her hope for the future of lung cancer.
To read Dr Myers interview, click here.