Hope In Isolation


Carolanne Johns


The pandemic has been very troubling for many people in the cancer world. You are social distancing, washing your hands, being kept away from people who mean the most.
For many cancer patients the beginning of the pandemic has been a bit like every other day: the constant googling looking for answers. The new normal as its called. I feel that as cancer survivors we are experts in adapting to what life throws at us. I have had appointments cancelled and have had some rescheduled. Unfortunately, I still have had to go to the hospital for some tests. Its not easy now going to hospitals, you do it alone, you are masked and it’s a whole new world once you are in. I have cancer friends who went for treatments only to get a call the next day, that her technician proved positive for Covid. That is difficult to hear when you are immune compromised. There is still so much unknown.

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