2015 Canadian Cancer Statistics Report

On May 28th, 2015 the Canadian Cancer Society released the latest edition of their annual Canadian Cancer Statistics report. The Canadian Cancer Statistics is an annual publication that provides estimates of the burden of cancer in Canada for the current year. It is available for free on the Canadian Cancer Society's website at cancer.ca/statistic.
While the numbers for lung cancer are largely the same from the 2014 report, arguably the most interesting section is this year's special topic: "Predictions of the future burden of cancer in Canada." Based on current data and trends, it is estimated that Canada's growing and aging population will contribute substantially to the effects that cancer will have on our society in 2030. For example, it is estimated that in 2030 the number of new lung cancer cases per year will increase to 32,365 (which is up from 26,600 in 2015). The report also looks into the effects that smoking cessation and screening programs will have on lung cancer rates in the future. The findings in the report are definitely worth considering as provinces move forward on things like e-cigarette bans, or debating the merits of funding advanced screening programs for various types of cancer.
Again, the report is available for free on the Canadian Cancer Society's website at cancer.ca/statistic.