Renowned Public Health Physician's Battle Against Disease Was Personal

Dr. Terry-Nan TannenbaumTenacious Dr. Terry-Nan Tannenbaum, renowned public health physician, fought super-bugs, SARS, tuberculosis and HIV in others for decades until her fight became personal when she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

"Nobody deserves to have lung cancer, whether they’ve smoked or not and no one should have to feel ashamed of having such a terrible illness. Why doesn’t lung cancer receive its own chair of research funding? Why don’t we see walks for lung cancer like we do for breast cancer? Why don’t we see a lot of people wearing green ribbons? How many of you even knew that November is lung cancer month?”

Dr. Tannenbaum was only 63 years old when she succumbed to her disease in March. Her entire career was focused on working to restore the health of the downtrodden, the homeless and those in our society who were marginalized and needed help the most. Her mantra was, "do not judge people because of what they suffer from, and work as hard as you can to make them well." Terry-Nan was a champion for lung cancer, a big supporter of Lung Cancer Canada and will be sorely missed.