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  • Cancer Patients Celebrate New Program for Take-Home Cancer Medications in Nova Scotia

    Cancer Patients Celebrate New Program for Take-Home Cancer Medications in Nova Scotia

    Congratulations to Nova Scotia cancer patients as the Nova Scotia government approves a funding program for take-home cancer medications!

    LCC is proud to be a part of the CanCertainty coalition, the united voice of 35 Canadian cancer organizations.

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  • Casey Cosgrove

    Casey Cosgrove

    Today Lung Cancer Canada lost a Hero of Hope, our Vice President Casey Cosgrove. The way he lived his life with Stage IV lung cancer infused all of the patients, caregivers and people he met with a 'Life is possible - Don't give up' energy. For us at Lung Cancer Canada, he inspired us to do better. To fight for better awareness, better treatments and better equality for lung cancer.

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  • Canadian Cancer Statistics 2017

    Canadian Cancer Statistics 2017

    Nearly 1 in 2 Canadians is expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, according to a new report Canadian Cancer Statistics 2017released today by the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Statistics Canada.

    Lung cancer continues to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer overall (14% of all cancers diagnosed) and the leading cause of cancer death, causing more cancer deaths among Canadians (21,100) than colorectal, breast and prostate cancer combined (18,500)

    Tobacco use causes more than 85% of lung cancer cases
    Between 1989 and 2012, it is estimated that 31,660 lung cancer deaths have been avoided as a result of cancer prevention and control efforts.

    Canadian Cancer Statistics 2017: media fact sheet

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  • National Cancer Survivors Day

    National Cancer Survivors Day

    Lung Cancer Canada celebrates National Cancer Survivors Day by recognizing survivors, family, friends and medical professionals who personify hope! Help celebrate #NCSD by reading inspirational stories of lung cancer survivors. #HOPEUnites #CancerChanged

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  • The Fundraising Complex

    The Fundraising Complex

    “It was almost like you have to say, ‘By the way, it wasn’t his fault that he got this disease.’” - Maria Amaral

    Lung is the deadliest cancer, accounting for one-quarter of cancer deaths by killing 20,000 Canadians each year — more than breast, colorectal and prostate cancers combined. But it doesn’t get a run for a cure or a dedicated day when professional athletes wear dedicated colours to raise awareness.

    Yet when it comes to Canadian research funding the numbers are flipped. Lung cancer receives about six per cent, while breast cancer gets more than a quarter of dollars raised.

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  • Volunteer Week

    Volunteer Week

    Lung Cancer Canada is celebrating Volunteer Week by thanking Canada’s 12.7 million #volunteers! We've had the pleasure of working with many GREAT volunteers who give up their time to help support lung cancer patients, their families and promote lung cancer awareness.  For that we say THANK YOU!!

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