Lung cancer patients need their voices heard!  Together we can make a difference.  Read the message below and add your name to the list of those who want to listen, empathize and act, to lessen the burden of lung cancer in Canada.


We live in a world where everything is happening faster than ever before, meanwhile patients with Canada’s number one cancer killer are playing a waiting game to survive!  Lung cancer is not only our country’s biggest killer, it carries with it a heavy sense of stigma and falls far behind other cancers, in terms of research, patient support and timely access to new and emerging therapies, that can have a profound impact on quality of life and overall survival.

As the collective patient voice, we have a front row seat to the disparities of lung cancer – we feel the trauma of a diagnosis in our fight, and we do our best to navigate a complicated system that has not kept pace with our ‘real-time’ reality.  Each day is a gift and despite a long list of inequities, as a community of patients and caregivers, we remain hopeful and determined - lung cancer will not be forgotten! Driven by our voracity for life, we will advocate for improved access to new and effective therapies, while championing a more efficient process for the approval and funding of critical lung cancer treatments.  It is never too late to drive change and we remain hopeful, focused and strong in our pursuit to address the unrelenting stigma and increase lung cancer literacy for a disease that killed almost 21,000 Canadians, just last year.

We urge everyone to listen, empathize and act, to lessen the burden of lung cancer in Canada. The social and economic toll being placed on the system is unsustainable and will soon, reach an apex.  Improved support, research and faster access to innovative therapies will improve the lives of patients and their caregivers – it is time for us to reach the same speed of innovation.  Lung cancer is a killer that leaves you with no time to wait.  Join the lung cancer community and help us make changes that can dramatically improve lives and outcomes.

- Canadian Lung Cancer Patients

Share this message with your friends, family members, loved ones, co-workers etc.  Use the hastag #HopeUNITES and encourage others to get involved by adding their names to the list as well!

I give permission for Lung Cancer Canada to use my name and Province in support of The Patient Voice in both online and print materials. My email address will be kept confidential and may only be used by Lung Cancer Canada to contact me.