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A Patient's Guide to Lung Cancer

A Patient's Guide to Lung Cancer You or someone close to you is struggling with lung cancer. You may have been feeling unwell for some time and have gone through numerous investigations before the final diagnosis was made. Alternatively, the diagnosis may have been made quite unexpectedly following a routine test or when you were being investigated for an unrelated health concern. Regardless of how it was made, there usually is shock and anxiety for all concerned. There is likely a sense of powerlessness in the face of cancer as well as urgency to have treatment. Friends, family members both young and old – all will be affected.

So, what do you do now?
You probably have many questions: Why did this happen?  What will happen to me?  What do I do next?  What can I expect?  How do I cope?
Download and read the LCC Patient Guide - 5th Edition as a start (en fran├žais). It will provide information on:
  • the causes of lung cancer
  • the types and stages of the disease
  • how it is diagnosed
  • treatment options
Remember, lung cancer affects every aspect of your life - your physical well-being, your relationships with family and friends, your work and your financial stability. Seek help from professionals for yourself and your loved ones when you need it. Information in this booklet will help you understand how to become an active participant in your care.

Remember, the Lung Cancer Canada team is here for you.

For a hard copy version of this guide, click here.