If you are interested in fundraising to support Lung Cancer Canada programs and initiatives, there are any number of fun ways that you can help out! Along with special events, such as our Evening of Hope and the Scotiabank Marathon, the possibilities and ways that you can help year round are only limited by your imagination.

Setting up a Fundraising Page

Setting up a fundraising page through CanadaHelps is a great way for people to create and maintain their own space for raising money in the fight against lung cancer. Users can set up and administer their own Fundraising Page for an event, a campaign, or a person (i.e., a Memorial Fund). Tax Receipts are automatically generated by CanadaHelps, and all funds are directed towards Lung Cancer Canada. Fundraising Pages are also completely searchable in the CanadaHelps Database, and have their own url that can be shared via email or online networks.

Visit for more information on how to set up your own fundraising page and for some fundraising ideas.

If you are planning on setting up a fundraising page, please get in touch with us at Lung Cancer Canada so that we can work on effective strategies to promote and support both your fundraising page and event.

Setting up Fundraising Campaigns

A fundraising campaign is a special section of Lung Cancer Canada’s CanadaHelps profile that encourages donors to contribute to a specific cause, be it a fun event, a project goal, or a memorial page.

Campaigns are nested within Lung Cancer Canada’s CanadaHelps profile, but can still be linked to separately and shared via email or online networks. Folks who donate online receive their tax receipts via email from CanadaHelps. If people wish to donate offline (e.g., by cash or cheque) Lung Cancer Canada will provide the tax receipts, but their donation will not contribute to the online fundraising total as displayed through CanadaHelps. 

Establishing a Memorial Fund

Some people wish to honour the memory of loved ones who have been lost to lung cancer by setting up a memorial fund with Lung Cancer Canada. We do this through a campaign page on CanadaHelps.

If you would like to set up a memorial fund campaign, please contact Lung Cancer Canada and provide some photos and a bio/write-up of the memorialized, as well as a fundraising goal. If no goal is provided, Lung Cancer Canada will set one of $500. Memorial funds remain active for one year.

While Lung Cancer Canada will be administering the memorial fund, please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have about the campaign page. We are very appreciative of the support, and are happy to work together to best honour your loved one.