Faces of Lung Cancer Reports


Lung cancer will kill twice as many Canadians as any other cancer, yet public awareness and support for this devastating disease remains shockingly low. The lung cancer/smoking connection and the resultant stigma has proven to be a significant barrier to galvanizing the Canadian public. It’s time to stop blaming the victim. As the only national organization focused exclusively on lung cancer education and advocacy, Lung Cancer Canada is determined to focus the Canadian public on the country’s top cancer killer among both men and women.

Recognizing the urgent need to raise awareness and public understanding of this disease, Lung Cancer Canada has conducted ground-breaking surveys among 1,600 Canadians regarding their knowledge and attitudes towards lung cancer. Below you will find links to a variety of materials on this critical issue:

Faces of Lung Cancer Report 2023:

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Full Faces of Lung Cancer Reports:

We stand ready to help you by answering any questions about the research, arranging interviews with experts here at Lung Cancer Canada, or putting you in touch with lung cancer survivors who’ve agreed to share their story. For more information, please contact us at 416-785-3439, toll-free at 1-888-445-4403 or via email at [email protected]