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Lung Cancer Canada provides patient-focused, carefully researched information and other educational materials to lung cancer patients, their families, caregivers and healthcare professionals. You can access LCC's Resource Library for specific, personalized information by calling or emailing us.

English Info Sheets and Resources:

For Patients and Caregivers: Coping and Emotional Support
By Julie Burnett BA (Hons.), BSW, MSW, RSW
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Hard Facts Poster
Healthy Diet Choices
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How to Prepare for Lung Cancer Surgery when you Smoke
By Dr John Oyston, MB BS, FFARCS, FRCP(C)
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Lung Cancer and the Use of Oxygen and Medications
By Vicki Sorrenti, Retired Registered Nurse (RN)
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Lung Cancer Can Affect Your Bones
By Joanne Yu, MD, PhD, FRCP(C)
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Lung Tests and Procedures
By Dr Michael Johnston M.D., FRCSC
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Managing Daily Activities
By Barbara Jackson, B.Sc. O.T., O.T. Reg. (Ont.)
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Nutrition and Lung Cancer
By Susan Haines, Registered Dietitian (RD), and Christine Asik, BASc., MSc.,
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Questions to Ask Your Cancer Care Team
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Radon Gas: The Silent Killer / Detecting & Testing for Radon
By Janet & Alan Whitehead
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Thoracic Surgery for Symptom Control / Shortness of Breath - Dyspnea
By Dr Carmine Simone, MD, FRCS(C), FCCP, LCC
By Vicki Sorrenti, Oncology Nurse (Retired), LCC Program Committee Member
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English Reports:

Policy on Molecular Testing in Lung Cancer
By Dr Shantanu Banerji, Dr Ron Burkes, Dr Rob El-Maraghi, Dr Vera Hirsh, Dr Diana Ionescu, and Dr Barb Melosky
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French Info Sheets and Resources:

Questions a poser a votre oncologue si vous aves rexu in diagnostic de cancer du poumon
par Catherine Black, Betty Jacoby, Elizabeth Perry, Magdalene Winterhoff
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Patients et aidants: adaptation a la situation et soutien affetif

par Julie Burnett BA (Hons.), BSW, MSW, RSW
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Cancer du poumon et ocygenotherapie
par Vicki Sorrenti, infirmière spécialisée en oncologie
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Comment se preparer a unue chirurgie lorsqu'on est fumeur
par Dr John Oyston, MB BS, FFARCS, FRCP(C)
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