Casey Cosgrove

Today Lung Cancer Canada lost a Hero of Hope, our Vice President Casey Cosgrove. The way he lived his life with Stage IV lung cancer infused all of the patients, caregivers and people he met with a 'Life is possible - Don't give up' energy. For us at Lung Cancer Canada, he inspired us to do better. To fight for better awareness, better treatments and better equality for lung cancer.
Casey was living proof of 'Life is possible' - for three years of his fight, he was relatively symptom-free. At that time, he probably spent more time coaching and playing baseball than he spent at the hospital.
Today we are devastated to lose Casey and his energy.  But that hope and light that he had is a flame that will not be extinguished. It is in all of us. We will continue to carry it, amplify it and fight for better in lung cancer. We love you Casey!

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