Disparities in Public Cancer Drug Funding

"Not All Canadian Cancer Patients Are Equal - Disparities in Public Cancer Drug Funding across Canada"
Ceilidh MacPhail and Stephanie Snow 

Abstract: Canada lacks a national drug insurance plan. The home province or territory of a patient
determines which cancer drugs are available on the public formulary, who is eligible for public
coverage and what portion of the financial burden of cancer care falls to the individual. This narrative
review describes the current interprovincial disparities in access to cancer drugs across Canada.
Health technology assessment (HTA) of drugs at a provincial and territory level is a closed process,
does not necessarily follow the recommendations of national HTA and leads to further delays in
drug access. The public coverage of take‐home cancer drugs (THCDs) in Ontario and the Atlantic
provinces is often fragmented, unnecessarily complex and a barrier to cancer drug access. Policy
solutions to address inter‐provincial formulary variation and poor access to THCDs are discussed.

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