An Evening of Hope 2016 - Toronto

Thursday, November 17, 2016
Sheraton Centre Downtown Toronto

Held in conjunction with the first-ever Lung Cancer Patient Summit at the Sheraton Centre Downtown Toronto, the 6th annual Evening of Hope in Toronto was another great celebration of the advances made in the fight against lung cancer! It was a chance to come together to raise hope, funds and awareness for Lung Cancer Canada.

For many more pictures, please join our Facebook group - Lung Cancer Patient Summit Alumni.

EoH-Toronto-2016-(1) EoH-Toronto-2016-(37) EoH-Toronto-2016-(9)
EoH-Toronto-2016-(10) EoH-Toronto-2016-(39) EoH-Toronto-2016-2-(1)
EoH-Toronto-2016-(12) EoH-Toronto-2016-(4) EoH-Toronto-2016-2-(1)
EoH-Toronto-2016-(13) EoH-Toronto-2016-(43) EoH-Toronto-2016-2-(10)
EoH-Toronto-2016-(14) EoH-Toronto-2016-(47) EoH-Toronto-2016-2-(11)
EoH-Toronto-2016-(15) EoH-Toronto-2016-(5) EoH-Toronto-2016-2-(4)
EoH-Toronto-2016-(18) EoH-Toronto-2016-(6) EoH-Toronto-2016-2-(5)
EoH-Toronto-2016-(2) EoH-Toronto-2016-(7) EoH-Toronto-2016-2-(6)
EoH-Toronto-2016-(3) EoH-Toronto-2016-(8) EoH-Toronto-2016-2-(7)