Cancer Survivor Day - Alberta 2014

Alberta MLA’s Join LCC and Those Living with Lung Cancer in Celebration of June 1, National Cancer Survivor Day.
Monday May 26, 2014
Royal Glenora Club, Edmonton
On May 26th,  Lung Cancer Canada hosted a breakfast for Alberta MLA’s in recognition of National Cancer Survivor Day on June 1
This National Cancer Survivor Day, LCC is celebrating a recent increase in the five-year survival of lung cancer. It is now 18%, and while it still lags far behind the other major cancers, there is hope.
Three attendees in particular Carole Gibson, Ruth Wasylenko and Jennifer Dufour represent that hope. Carole and Ruth, two non-smokers, are living and fighting lung cancer. Jennifer’s father is battling the disease.
Thank you to the MLA’s and representatives from the Alberta Cancer SCN for coming out in support of this event.